How do I upload photos, videos, or music?

To upload media, you will need to go to the appropriate menu home option (Sounds, Photos, or Videos). The procedure is the same for all media whether photo, video, musics, or files.

From there, you will have option buttons at the top right that say "Add Album" and "My Albums". If you have not created an album, click the Add Album button. Create a title name, description, and choose your privacy level. Once that album and the link to "Add (media type)". From this page you will need to choose your up loader version (flash is set by default and should be fine). Select your file and wait for the upload to finish. You will need to make sure the title, description, tags and category are set before selecting submit. Videos uploaded to the site are not immediately available for viewing, they must be processed first.

Note that some menu items may be under the More tab on the menu bar.

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