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Canids: Foxes, Wolves, Jackals and Dogs
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Canids form one of the most prominent families of carnivores, with 36 interesting taxa in 13 genera that occur throughout most of the world. Foxes, dholes, dingoes, wolves, jackals, coyotes and various dogs comprise the family, and they find human-raised livestock irresistible prey. As a family, canids occupy every continent except Antarctica. The grey wolf, alone, was originally the most widely distributed terrestrial mammal; its successor to the throne is another successful canid, the red fox. Thus, canids have borne a high proportion of the conflict between humans and carnivores. The more prolific and adaptable canids, like the jackal and coyote, have fared well despite this competition, while the more specialised members of the family, like the Ethiopian wolf, have become threatened with extinction.
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