This is not really a blog but rather a place to state my observations of the breed as an unbiased party. Over the last 17 years I have met many Neapolitan Mastiff and their breeders and owners but I have not owned, trained or shown any.  My observation is that the breed's popularity has led to a rash of new breeders flocking to the Neo as it popularity explodes on social media and in the show ring. This rash of new breeders who probably have very limited knowledge of the breed do not bode well for its future health and wellbeing. 

There will be a profound shift in the size, structure, health and functionality of the breed over the next 5 years. The dogs will get bigger and experience more health issues due to inbreeding, failure of new breeders to work, test and cull. The popularity, lack of knowledge, lack of working stock, unquenchable zest for size and mass will eventually cause most of the new breeders to abandon their programs and the effects of their failed programs will make a huge ripple in the breed in the United States.

What can be done about this?

Basically nothing. if you disagree or agree please let me know by commenting here.


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