150,000 Strays In San Antonio

News 4 San Antonio, TX did a report on the stray dogs on the streets of San Antonio which is America's 7th largest largest city.  There is effort underway to rescue these dogs from the street and there is a link on the article's page. Please take a look at this video.


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    As sad as that statistic is, it is so true.  I have a 4 year old rescue that came from San Antonio.  One of my girlfriends that used to live in SA & worked with a Bully rescue & fostered dogs.  She told me about a Boxer/Bully mix in her home that was too sweet & she thought she would fit in at my house.  A month later, Freedom Paws delivered her to me.  My friend told me that the shelters in SA, TX are filled to the max with Bully-type breeds & mixes that get euthanized every day.  It's quite sad. :-(

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