Lets face it, your profile on any website is what most people will ever know about you unless they know you in person. So, I thought of the idea to award members lots of points for completing their profile information on here so we can better help each other. With that in mind here is how it goes.

When: Between now and June 30, 2014

What: Edit your profile and complete all required and optional fields to give a good profile of yourself and your dogs. Add avatar, photo, profile cover, and as much info as you want to share. Also, create a pet profile in the Pets module for your pets (dogs, cats, snakes, whatever --- more is better). You may also create any other content - articles, pages, blogs, groups, video, sounds (music), sites (links), Ads (classifieds), news, files, events forum posts.. etc.

Who: Members who have updated their profiles between Jun 12 and Jun 30 will be assessed and awarded points for:

  • First 2,000
  • Second 1,500
  • Third 1,000
  • Fourth 500

Admins will vote on the profiles and make determination of the winners.

So - please visit your profile page and start playing with it - may the best profile win.

Kind regards,


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  •  gsicard: 
    Profile review for contest is going on now. Winner to be announced this weekend.
    0 points
  •  gsicard: 
    Some profiles are looking pretty good.
    0 points
  •  gsicard: 
    Thank you.. Lets hope members start to complete theirs. I can see yours coming along nicely.
    1 point
  •  eliteguardianpresa: 
    Good idea for a contest
     11.06.20141 replies1 replies 
    2 points
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