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A few months ago we announced a profile contest to encourage members to complete their profile and become active in the site. It took a while to get through the profiles that have been active in the past few months, but we are pleased to announce that the winners are chosen and shown below. There are several very nice profiles on the site and the decision was not easy.  There was much deliberation between 1st and 2nd place to select the ultimate winner.  So here they are:

  1. First place: IvaNandNellY  2,000 points
  2. Second place: eliteguardianpresa  1,500 points
  3. Third place: Horst  1,000 points
  4. Fourth place: mastini-mayhem 500 points

Congratulations to IvaNandNellY and all our winners. Please continue to customize your profile and add content to the site.  Every little bit counts. Note that admins were not considered as part of this competition.

Thank you for being a member of Please visit often and post something on every visit.

Best regards,


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