Hybridization of wolves with shepherd dogs in the Caucasus region might be more common, and more recent, than previously thought, according to new research. Scientists found recent hybrid ancestry in about ten percent of the dogs and wolves sampled. About two to three percent of the sampled wolves and dogs were identified as first-generation hybrids. Read the full story...

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  •  1234: 
    VERY scary!
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  •  gsicard: 
    That is pretty weird and unwanted condition. The last paragraph of the article really caught my attention.
    "The shepherd dogs studied are a local breed used to guard livestock. "Ironically, their sole function is to protect sheep from wolves or thieves," Kopaliani explained. "The shepherd dogs are free-ranging, largely outside the tight control of their human masters. They guard the herds from wolves, which are common in the areas where they are used, but it appears that they are also consorting with the enemy."

    This local breed in Georgia would probably be the Nagazi or Caucasian Ovcharka. Interesting!
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  •  Ruud: 
    Is it just me or is that scary?
     15.04.20141 replies1 replies 
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