World Dog Show 2017 09-12.11.2017

World Dog Show 2017 Results.



Caucasian Ovtcharka 

Video  World Dog Show 2017 12.11.2017 Caucasian Ovtcharka 


 The biggest dog show in the world

Over 31,000 dogs from 73 nations came together from 8-12 November 2017 in Leipzig for the world’s most important dog show. In addition to the World Dog Show & German Winner Show the VDH is also organizing a jam-packed programme of fringe events at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Dog lovers will be enthralled by various dog sport events. The Dog Dancing World Championships, the German Agility Championships, an international flyball tournament and so will the European Dog Diving Championships.

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  •  molosser: 

    Thank you for posting the links. In all the business, I forgot about the world dog show. 

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14.11.2017 (9 days ago)
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Leipzig Messe, Leipzig
Sachsen, Germany
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