In the city of Yulin in the southern China province of Guangxi this festival celebrates the eating of dog meat.  Dogs are killed in various ways and roasted with blow torches and other means before being placed on meat hooks and sold.  If you are squeamish please DO NOT click this link to read more.

You can sign the petition to stop this festival at this link.

I did not upload a photo for this article because it would  be offensive to most westerners.

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  •  eliteguardianpresa: 
    I do hope that they change how they kill these dogs and find a more humane way of doing it. But I don;t think I have a right to infringe on their rights because of my personal views that were developed because of my culture. Because if I did I would have to say stop killing all animals for food.

    What I find that I think of as being worst that in my anthropology class we learned of a custom. A little boy was to raise a dog from his early age. Then when the boy came of age to take part in his rights of passage he was to go out into the woods and spend the night. He only took his dog with him. Then after he passed that stage he was to take that dog whom he raised from a pup and kill it and eat it.
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  •  eliteguardianpresa: 
    I have never seen a cow being slaughter personally. But I know some that worked for a brief period of time in those places and they told me of some horror stories on how they lure the cattle in then hit the in the head. it was pretty barbaric, but it never stopped me from eating beef. A few of years ago I was in Idaho. The butcher came to the home of the neighbor to kill one steer. He brought his shotgun and knives. One shot and shortly after that there was nothing but bones left to pick up. The neighbor told us to go get some of the meat and that fresh organic meat was some of the best meat I ever tasted. He was better than anything I ever got from my local grocery store.
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  •  eliteguardianpresa: 
    I am against people eating dogs. However, I understand that in other cultures this is a common practice. I would fight to keep my right to eat cattle. That is part of my culture. I would never eat a horse. But it is acceptable in other cultures.
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  •  Akebono: 
    These sick SOBs need some enlightenment.
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  •  wellbri54: 
    They also in China wish to hold a future world dog show, I guess to size up breeds for meat. This to me is Barbaric.
     29.06.20151 replies1 replies 
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