Chief turned 6 months on the 8th of this month.  These are very smart dogs, chief is on the hyper side due to being a puppy. He loves is family, not hard to see he will be a very protective dog when it comes to someone is loves.

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  •  Ragdog: 

    Is he a Catahoula Bulldog?

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  •  gsicard: 
    Thank you for sharing Chief with us! He is a unique dog and the Catahoula blood should serve him well as he matures. Let us know how it goes and how his temp is. What is the other part of his make up? American Pit Bull Terrier?
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Pet Owner Info
Chief is a 6 month old Catahoula/Pit, I have always loved these dogs. They are all around the best dogs I have ever laid eyes on. and to have another is an honor.
24.09.2015 (24.09.2015)