Kodiak, Kodi, or Koko-puff is that rare beast, a Caucasian Ovcharka house dog. We didn't know what we were getting from the shelter, just that he was a big shaggy brown dog. Members on this site helped us to determine that he's likely a CO. The dog DNA people couldn't identify him, which to us means the MD folks are probably right.

He was a very shy juvenile when we got him, but he's maturing into a less timid adult. He still prefers to bark from a distance than engage with threats, but he sure lets the neighbourhood know that our yard is guarded.

He likes a lot of peace and quiet, and sleeps soundly. During his brief active periods, he loves to play 'catch the wolf' with his buddy, dig in the mud, catch mice and bees, or chew a stick. 

He has learned house manners enough to manage indoors, he hardly ever chews slippers anymore and he likes to lie with his back against whichever of his people he is watching over.

He has been 'homeschooled' a little with clicker training, and learns things quickly when he understands their purpose. Won't do tricks just for the sake of tricks, though, and won't do the 'doggy push-ups' and other silly games recommended by the puppy school. He learns best by watching another dog do something. He will never try it right away, but will think it over, and next time he might just do it perfectly the first time.

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  •  gsicard: 
    How is Kodi doing these days? Still going strong and bringing you joy?
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  •  tamarind: 

    Kodi wears his big heart on the outside... At first glance it may look like just a white patch, but it shows his true self. A dog with big love inside him.

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  •  tamarind: 

    At age 3.5 years, Kodiak is still growing... I haven't had him on the scale lately but he has filled out through the winter. Even through the fur he is bulkier. 

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  •  admin: 

    Wow - fantastic...  you found the Pet Profiles section... yeahhhh.. great job.  So now I will feature this one on the frontpage.

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