Langston is a CKC Altman White English Bulldog. Currently about 75lbs (All Muscle And Wrinkles) lol I consider him to be a Great Family Dog and Companion. He is definitely my Road Dog as he enjoy riding in the car. Hands Down the Best dog I ever Owned. I purchased my puppy from the CoCreator of the breed Lonnie Dryden in Waycross, GA. That was the Best Decision I ever made and Well Worth the Price. For those unfamiliar with this bulldog I listed some information below. 


From the Beginning of the Altman White English Bulldogs:

Developed by Ray Altman of Waycross, Georgia, this powerful American breed is a reconstruction of the “White Old English” strain of working bulldogs of the 19th century. The Altman White English Bulldog is a dedicated farm watchdog and can be employed to drive and control cattle, as well as for hunting large game, thanks to it's agility,  tenacity and courage.  Broad Chested, wide-headed and straight-backed, this muscular canine is truly an impressive working Molosser.

The Altman White English Bulldog has been around for a numder of years. About 21 years ago we (Lonnie Dryden) and Ray Altman started this line. We started out by trying to lower the Health problems that the regular Englsih bulldog have. We took a White English Bulldog and a regular AKC English Bulldog (Dusty's Georgia Bull) and mixed them together. From the two was started what we call today the Altman White English Bulldog. They are registered CKC-Altman White English Bulldog.

They are purbred.

Their weight is around 55 to 70 lbs. and the average height is around 15 to 20 inches. They come in many colors.  This line to this day is very different. I have owned them for over 20 years myself. Their temperment is great. They can take the Southern Heat and the Nothern Colds. They love to play outdoors and in the water. They are a little taller, and their noses are a little longer than the English Bulldog. That is why they can take the heat and cold better. As far as other Health problems I have never had ANY health problems that weren't associated with owning ANY dog.

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