2 Years Old Koochee dog
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2 Years Old Koochee dog
The Sage Koochee/koochee dog is one of the remaining true breeds in the world.

The large, robust, muscular body with fabulous speed and alertness are usually found with Nomadic Koochee tribe's convoy of Afghanistan. Sage Koochee/kuchi/koochee dog are fearless aggressive against predators. Sage Koochee dog is, and always has been, a true working dog of nomadic tribes of Afghanistan. History clearly shows that the ancient Koochee dog / kuchi dog lines guarded the nomadic caravans on the Silk Road all across the Central Asia. His substance and power denote strength. His massive head, with broad skull and strong jaws, is a symbol domination and agility.

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22.02.2013 (1754 days ago)
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