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Ama and Jenaro spring litter announcement 2016-1024
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  •  dkoriss: 

    filas are known to excel in protecting of ...every thing, the real ones at least !!!

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  •  guard_dog: 

    I know the Fila only accepts those living under the same roof and is an excellent guardian of their human family. How is the Fila in protecting livestock?

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  •  HarakhanKennel: 

    At Harakhan kennel, near Belgrade, during a heavy snowstorm. It was freezing! Ama (fawn female doesn't enjoy winter weather too much while Henaro (brindle male) has high tolerance to colder weather, which is pretty cool since he was born in a spanish province of Murcia, known for very dry weather:)

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  •  admin: 

    Fantastic photo.  Where was it taken?

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23.07.2017 (333 days ago)
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