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Albanian Dog molosian from molossia land..aborigen molossian
the ancient line of molossian dog in the molossia land today called Albania..south europe
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  •  gsicard: 

    Would like to know how this ended. 

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  •  arislempis: 

    Dear friend Edvin there is no reason to use other peoples history if you don't have any...molossians were greek tribes..Alexander the Great's mother was molossian..their history is written in greek language..romans and greek historians wrote about them many hundred years before your nation mingrates from caucasus...

    Your ''breed'' resembles very much with caucasus and turkish akbash dogs....maybe you should search your roots and history over there (if any..)

     11.11.20153 replies3 replies 
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  •  realname: 

    On the other side, in this coin is written in GREEK  PYROS BASILEWS ! Stop with your nationalistic propaganda!

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  •  realname: 

    Stupid idiot you use a Greek coin for your nationalist interests!!

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Edvin_Luka AL
pershendetje ..hi
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03.11.2015 (1134 days ago)
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