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21.04.2018 0 comments From admin — I found this kennel in Italy - they have very rustic looking dogs.  It is in Italian but you can read the google translation here.
26.03.2018 0 comments From gsicard — Top Paw Training believes that the purpose of dog training is to improve the companionship you have with your dogs, so we
15.02.2018 1 comments From gsicard — Search our complete online dog pedigree database with over 2 million records covering many different breeds. Add your dogs and puppies pedigrees for free.
12.01.2018 1 comments From dogpedigrees — Moscow breeding kennel "Clovis" is one of the oldest nurseries in Russia. Breeding Central Asian sheep dogs nursery has been engaged for more than 30 years, since 1984. 
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