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All Sites — The CBA is the Premier National Specialty Club & Registry for Bulldog Breeds in Canada. The Canadian Bulldoggers Association is Established for the preservation, improvement and education of bully breeds.  Providing a vibrant, customized club & registry distinctly for Canadian & North Am…
28.07.2012 0 comments From BullHunde — At our kennel currently is Mayhem's Tonka, Fenice Da Bella Dolce, Maximum's Eragon, Badzar, Mastino Templar's Britannia and whatever visiting dog I'm working with currently. Our kennel resides in Michigan U.S.A. We offer show dogs who are tested in working standards, if you offer a working home …
28.07.2012 1 comments From mastini-mayhem — Breeding top quality Caucasian and Central Asian Ovcharka in the Serbia.
16.06.2012 1 comments From Ruskizvor — The biggest show of Portguese breeds in the states.
23.05.2012 0 comments From Estrela — The recognized Estrela Mountain Dog Club in America.
23.05.2012 1 comments From Estrela
Private — A fantastic magazine dedicated to the Molosser breeds and published by a dedicated team of expert on the breeds. You should check it out and get subscription. I love the magazine.
03.12.2011 0 comments From Admin — Our mission is simply to be the “definitive website store” in providing your pets with the highest quality and most uniquely designed dog beds, animal enclosures, dog gates, feline cathouses, and pet hammocks available anywhere in the world. These products, not found anywhere else, are proudly …
14.11.2011 0 comments From Admin — This is a new forum offering discussion on all things re: LGDs. Please join us if you lke as we build our community.
28.08.2011 0 comments From Admin — Blog site for dog owners. Say something.
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