Browse Sites By Tag: caucasian — Aboriginal Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. аборигенная кавказская овчарка, питомник "Хранитель гор"
12.08.2015 2 comments From gsicard — Caucasian Shepherd Dog Pedigree DataBase with photos.
15.06.2015 0 comments From gary — New site of RUSKI IZVOR kennel. The kennel "Ruski Izvor" wishes to thank you all for your attention and interest for this noble and extremely interesting breed. We are going to do our best here to present you this breed in true colours and by this means help you to get to know it as well as possibl…
28.12.2012 2 comments From Ruskizvor — Breeding top quality Caucasian and Central Asian Ovcharka in the Serbia.
16.06.2012 1 comments From Ruskizvor