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KENNEL MEDZHAL ALA (Czech Republic) Chovatelská stanice Střední Asie Ovcharka

Our kennel was founded in 2000. WE OFFER BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES FOR SALE! Our puppies have very interesting bloodline. We offer puppies with white, black, black-white, fawn-white colours.  Our dogs comes from country of origin Russia. Our dogs are very successful at the dog shows. They have very interesting bloodline and successful ancesstors!  We are not a big kennel, we respect our dogs and take care of them all them live.

We ship puppies worldwide!  Our offsprings also are sold to country of origin Russia and they are very successful there at the dog shows.  

Please visit our website and look on our breeding work and our dogs . I will look forward to your possible questions. Thank you Edita Voplakal


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    Looks like you have some awesome central asians in you program. Best wishes
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