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'The world's first quantum computing machine'
Chinese scientists have successfully built the world's first quantum computing machine that is claimed to be 24,000 times faster than its international count...
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  •  admin: 

    Interesting development. I have heard that it was being developed but not that it is here - what does the future hold?

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  •  guard_dog: 

    I don't know if the quantum computer is good or bad. Moore's Law states that the amount of transistors on a circuit double every 2 years. So far this law has held true. Many leaders in the field of computer engineering and computer science are even hesitant with where technology is headed. With the invention of the quantum computer many scientists don't know what it is capable of and the new fields it will create in the medical field, pharmaceutical, weather patterns, stock analyzing, even in the scientific field of understanding and proving parallel universes.  

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