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Kennel Owner, Trainer and Hvac Service manager
Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs and maybe a few other furry creatures too!
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Neapolitan Mastiff
Lots of things.
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I like a range of music, from country to hip hop and everything in between.
Favorite Films
I can't remember what I DID last week, let alone what I watched.
Favorite Books
Anything Pat Hastings.
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jessica stites
United States
Oakland County
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  •  admin: 

    Hey there Jess. I am trying to do everything on the site from my phone to see how good the mobile template is. Happy new year.

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  •  admin: 

    Happy birthday Jessica!

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  •  davidfitness83: 

    If you come to Jersey again I want to have a doggy photoshoot with your Gargoyles :) My wife and I have never met a Neo in real life... :(

     20.07.20121 replies1 replies 
    1 point
  •  admin: 

    Awesome avatar Jess.

    1 point
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The Convergence of Show Quality and Working Ability

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It’s a sad day when humans have so little regard for one another that they’ll just pass by the body of a woman who’s died, leaving her in the street to rot. But dogs are on a higher plane than humans.
10.06.2016 · From mastini-mayhem
Sites — At our kennel currently is Mayhem's Tonka, Fenice Da Bella Dolce, Maximum's Eragon, Badzar, Mastino Templar's Britannia and whatever visiting dog I'm working with currently. Our kennel resides in Michigan U.S.A. We offer show dogs who are tested in working standards, if you offer a working home …
28.07.2012 1 comments From mastini-mayhem
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18 days ago
mastini-mayhem commented on a video

He was. Lolololol.

It's not about the sleeve for him. 

Bosco doing some vehicle work
Scenario is I picked up a hitchhiker and he attacked me
01.02.2017 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments
mastini-mayhem commented on a video

He's a decoy in our club. He is taught friends, so he can not aggress unless called upon. Yes, Bosco was going for his face at the end. He can be a dick, which is why Cheryl has a stick in there to block him. But he's outing a ton better, first time out in a few months. 

Bosco doing some vehicle work
Scenario is I picked up a hitchhiker and he attacked me
01.02.2017 1 likes 1 comments 1 comments
20 days ago
mastini-mayhem added new video
30.01.2017 3 likes 1 comments 1 comments
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