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Just a quick hello!

Hiya, my name is Anya, I have two dogs. My dog that fits into these forums is an Armenian Gampr. I have a firm handle on her. She lives in an apartment, but she's my running buddy, so no problems in the house really. I just love learning and watching others. And enjoy perspectives not my own. I also have an Aussie cattle dog mixed with mini aussie. Together, they make life very interesting.

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Hi there Anya,

THANK you for posting about you and your dogs. We a happy to have Gampyr owner with us. 

My understanding is that the Armenian Gampyr is a close relative of the Caucasian Ovtcharka and the Sarplaninac and has a very strong temperament. Can you tell us about this from your experience?


From my experience she has an independent personality. She is a very sharp dog, and can make some very snap decisions on her own. As a puppy she was enrolled in puppy school quickly, to help socialize her with dogs and people. Her guarding instincts are very clear, and she requires the ability to "vette" all of my guests. I let her  because she tends to have a pretty sound decision. I feel that if I had not bonded to her, or taken her to do things, she could have quickly got her self into some serious trouble. She isn't as big as the Ovcharka can get(she topped off at about 80 pounds) but she is very strong for her size. I could see how she could get tempermental if left to her own devices, or with an owner that isn't confident. She did in fact, already change hands in ownership, I got her at 8 months old because she had become so much for her owners to handle, that she just ended up kennel bound a lot. She is a toy dissector, as in, she doesn't chew, just, quietly unravels them. she has a lot of attitude and likes to throw it around, the gampr as a general breed  trait, are very vocal, they bark, and girrr and harrumph and sigh. They are a land race breed, so their is a lot of variety in looks. but general attitude is similar in all gampr, in that they are Barky, very attached to their "charge" confident and freethinking. As with any independent dog, she likes to push her boundaries occasionally, and likes to have something to do. a bored gampr is a bad gampr! She learns anything I could teach her in like two days, and after a week, she will have it down pat. She's actually been a pretty easy dog, and has aided in training my younger dog. Honestly after her daily run, she's pretty lazy, and she's a dream to own.

Thank you for the reply.  I am in agreement with you about your Gampyr.

Typically, the breed is a very hard temperament but with training and socialization that can be softened until a situation calls for different behavior. It is my understanding that the Gampyr is more tractable than the ovcharkas - they respond better to training and socialization.  Has that been your experience?

We have Caucasian Ovcharkas and they frequently and routinely "forget" their training when they are alerted.