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Looking for educated guess

Just looking for educated guess as to what kind of dog this is he's about 15 months old and weighs about 95 lb. His name is Arlo. I was told he's a Corso but have heard conflicting things from different people and obviously I will never be able to tell what he really is or even if he's mixed without papers. I've seen similar dogs in pictures that look like him everything from Presa Canario to bandog to Persian Mastiff. but I would just like an educated guess from people who own similar breeds. thanks this is my first post, so hi everyone.









Thank you!

Embark looks like the way to go.



When I first saw your dog I thought he was a young Cane Corso.  Only thing that gave me pause was the the muzzle is too long and the stop is not sharp enough. It could be a Great Dane x Cane Corso mix.  However, is a very nice looking dog.

Gary Sicard

Thank you Gary

    Yes Dane was what I had been thinking too. I am strongly considering a  DNA test after Guard_dog suggested it. After the holidays pass. Ill definitely post results. I had wanted a Corso after I fostered one for a few weeks. His name was Kingston and he was a very friendly dog after the initial hello. I'll include a pic. I hear he is doing well. 

  Arlo is awsome with my children (always supervised) even if he's excited or amped up when one of my kids walk into the room his whole demeanor changes and is very gentle. He does a great job watching over the property and is usually glued to my wife's side. He can be pretty stubborn at times and is definitely headstrong and very vocal but is a great companion and good company (he spends the days with my wife and kids and is with me through the afternoon and night). He has plenty of energy and is a much stronger presence than my old dogs (rip) a pair of pitbulls I had for 14 years, Fred and Ginger pic included). He's very good with other dogs and went to puppy playtime at Petco every Saturday up intill a few months ago, they stopped having them near me. He's actually pretty good with smaller animals too.

Thanks again for the replies


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Hey Anthony

It would be cool to find out the makeup of your dog.  Always curious about a dog that looks to be a bridge between two breeds. Great shot of your Pits.  Awesome.

Gary Sicard

some corso in there for sure. good looking dog. 

Thanks cawkazn.