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My new boy

This is Zar, my new boy:



Wow.. this is a great video showing the control and tenacity of your CAO.  Well done Hugo.  From which kennel?


Thanks Gary, Zar is still a green young dog. I got him from Sebastian Niculescu.

Very nice!  I like how he took the sleeve and kept his eye on the decoy, ready for more.  Thanks for the video


Nice dog. He's going to be an awesome protection dog and family guardian. 

Wow this CAO bite with a great energy. It remember me the CAO of my friend. This dog is 2,5 years old and never have been work to guard or pp, it just guard the flock. But firts bite of this dog was incredible. 

Good job Hugo!

Thanks guys, I will put another video soon so you can see how Zar is evolving in guarding function.


great dogcool

Lovely boy; his colouring is very much like our 6 months old Tzarina (attached a photo)