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Out for a walk...

I had a interesting evening walk a few nights ago with Bosco. 

We were out right before dusk, practising OB since we have a trial this coming weekend. As we walked down our street, in a heel position I noticed to the right (on the same side of the road) a pack of Bull Mastiffs coming across the field and were charging us! 

Thankfully I thought fast and did not panic.

I immediately turned right and crossed the road, at a steady pace we moved up someone's driveway. At this point the owner thankfully noticed his dogs, some of which were already in the road and called them back. Some did not return to him, they lingered near the road and he put the first group up. I had Bosco down behind a large lilac bush and stood facing him and my body sideways to the loose mastiffs , the dogs started to calm and the owner was able to corral the remaining dogs and get them inside. 

As I walked away I thought of how truly lucky Bosco and I were. As he could not of taken on 8 Bull Mastiffs and I sure would have jumped in the fray to save my dog. To have the understanding and the tools to minimize the energy levels, not running away, screaming or allowing my dog to engage was what saved us from a potential very long night in a hospital


Good perception and situational awareness is something that when exercised properly can change situations.  You did great moving away from the potential threat an BETTER YET you did an assessment of your actions and the outcome and concluded correctly that your actions prevented a potentially disastrous situation.  Great job keeping you and your dog safe.  Did you talk to the owner of the Bullmastiffs? 

Maybe you can chat with the owner and get some photos. :)


No, he was a crotchety old man and was NOT a happy camper at that time. But at some point, him and I will carry a convo. 

Yeah. He was probably mad that you were walking your dog "in his area" lol. Or he could be disappointed that your dog was more athletic looking than his.  Who knows? If you do chat to him I would like to hear his story.  It is not easy to raise that many Bullmastiffs.