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Stacey caucasian mountain dog book need help

Ok i am lost on this. I got stacey caucasian mountain dog book . and in her book it says that moderate  protien level (about 25% )ok but what i am not understanding in the book is  it says  that raw meat is not good for caucasian mountain dogs. Or raw goat meat or cow milk. also in  her book it says you can add high quality canned dog food to the dry kibble or  yogurt or home prepared fresh food.  ??? Help me please 

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Hey Ashlee,

congratulations on purchasing the book and trying to learn more about how to keep our dog healthy and well nourished. I have seen videos of working LGDs being fed grool or slop. Basically milk and oats or some such concoction. It is interesting to note that western dog owners and fanciers often think they know best what to feed an ancient breed they have owned for a few years while centuries of ownership and husbandry are dismissed as old fashioned and insufficient.

You bought a book about the Caucasian "mountain" dog, I recommend using it for general breed knowledge but not about feeding your dog, the info from the page you posted is what you could find anywhere regarding feeding dogs in general. it is not incorrect but is also not correct. I know people who feed their dogs raw meet, eggs, yogurt, veggies and they have some of the healthiest COs in the USA, no medical or structural problems and certainly no stomach problems.

it is silly to think that a carnivore/omnivore should not eat meat (raw meat). you bought and read the book. move on to other sources to get other opinions. feed your dog what you can and observe to see what works best then stick with it. look in our Health and Nutrition forum.

good discussion on kibble

This was posted to a question you asked in 2015

Thanks for coming back and posting.

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