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another break in

hey guys, so unfortunately i havent been able to really work my dog like I want to because I have had to deal with taking him to the vet non-stop. for some reason he is getting this crazy swelling and large pus filled boils in his paws. Cant seem to figure it out. I am currently feeding him raw beef, hes on apoquel, and anibiotics, and they really arent doing much! I really dont know whats going on, his paws are so infected, i popped one of the boils, it squirt into my eye, and I now have pink eye, a very stuffy nose, and a cough. anyways his feet are so swollen, its painfull for him to walk, so any sort of activity is out of the question. 


anyways despite that, we had another break in. Came home to find out a crack head had been squatting in my shed towards the back of the property. I guess he got out of there in a hurry but decided to leave his crack pipe, clothes, joint, and half eaten top ramen in a baby wipes container behind.


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I'm sorry to hear about your dog. What is the vet thinking is going on? Have you tried a simple meal (Maybe it's sever allergies).

May need to get another dog to patrol the property too....

yeah they suspect its allergies, but the allergy medications they are giving him arent really working. another dog is always crossing my mind, but my current dogs wont accept another and to let a dog roam free in the yard, would need to be a dog i dont care about because there is a high chance of getting out and getting run over.


for some reason he is getting this crazy swelling and large pus filled boils in his paws. Cant seem to figure it out. I am currently feeding him raw beef, hes on apoquel, and anibiotics, and they really arent doing much!

 If antibiotics are not working then there is less likelihood of an actual bacterial infection and it is most likely environmental. This being the spring season there are probably a lot of new vegetation popping up and there may be some irritant or intrusive growth in your yard. Have a walk around and look for any thorny, prickly, sticky, or intrusive growth on the ground. Could also be some form of parasitic creatures on the ground because of the change in season.

Can you tell if this happened on a seasonal basis? Has it happened before at the same time period? Have you eliminated allergies as a cause?

Try spreading a broad spectrum yard treatment that will kill off yard bugs to eliminate the possibility of fire ants and other such critters.

I have read the Epsom Salt and warm water used to bathe (salve) the paws may help treat the infection but will not prevent it.

Check for these plants in your yard - Common ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)


Lawn burrweed


Gary Sicard

What is the main protein base of his food?

hi guys thanks for your interest, i should take some pictures of his feet to show you just how bad it is. Its been an ongoing problem for 3 years. Antibiotics are the only thing that stops it, not his allergy medicine appoquel, appoquel does help but doesnt stop it. Once his antibiotics are finished, it comes right back. Hes a indoor dog 90% of the time. it all started 3 years ago when i started brining him and my other dog inside, when i brougth both of them inside, i tried to turn one of my outdoor dogs into a indoor dog, didnt work out to well, he pissed and shit all over my carpet,thats when they both caught whatever it is at the same time, they were both given antibiotics, for one dog, it went away and never came back, for the other, it keeps coming back.  i had to remove my carpet it and replace my entire house with linoleum flooring. My best guess is there is some sort of bacteria on the floor, and since my dog is always laying on the floor, its getting into his skin and fur. I am in the process of building a large outdoor dog run for him, hoping switching him back outside may help the situation. The dust will help keep his paws dry. Im also going to be getting new carpet. so well see how that plays out. Luckily i have a great vet, he hooks me up with discounts all the time, sometimes doesnt even charge me for visits, gives me medications for free, i can call him on his cell anytime. I am a nurse so i have a medical background. I did take him to the dog dermatologist, its was $500+ for one visit, a real rip off I cannot afford. all they did was give him antibiotics and a soy based dog food.  I have a very hard time believing a dog is allergic to meat. He is currently being fed raw ground beef. I feed my other dogs canidae