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paw yeast infection

so you guys may have seen my previous post about food allergy for my dogs. Turns out its not food allergy, what he has is a yeast infection of the paws. Problem is, its recurrent. has anyone had a similar issue? his feet look something like this. I got him back on antibiotics, and a shampoo etc. And it has cleared up like always, problem is once hes off the meds it returns!


looks something like this!

below is not my dog, just a google pic of yeast infection dog paw.

Image result for dog yeast infection paw

forgot too mention, i switched him back to kibble, taste of the wild, as its not made with any yeast or grains. 


Image result for taste of the wild

We have not had any issues with paw yeast infections. It is normally attributed to high carbohydrate/grain diets and the moist paws are a perfect place for yeast to present.

"Yeast infections and foot fungus can occur in dogs as well as humans, and are generally the result of a diet that is high in yeast. The body turns carbohydrates into sugar, therefore your dog should avoid a high-carbohydrate diet while being treated for yeast infection. Feed her a diet rich in low-glycemic vegetables instead of things like potatoes, corn, rice and wheat, all of which are carbohydrates. Use homemade rinses and ointments prescribed by veterinarians to treat yeast infections on dog paws. A dog's moist paws create an ideal environment for yeast to thrive."

We do not feed kibble as a general principle - sometimes we do mix a little no grain/wheat/rice kibble into the raw food. We do use Taste of the Wild (sometimes blue buffalo) for that - have not had any yeast problems with our dogs.  But then again we live in Texas and "moisture" is not generally a problem.

Link to quote above.

when I was doing raw for him, it was chicken and rice, or beef and rice that we would feed him. My wifes asian and cooks alot, so basically all our meals are rice with some type of meat and vegetables, generally speaking. So it was pretty easy to just feed him the left overs or make a bit extra, but it says no rice. Feeding Kibble is definitely easier. Im just glad that after about 2 years, we finally know what the problem is. He has been getting treated for allergies this whole time and bunch of vet hopping. Its amazing how bad some of these vets are, I had the humane society try to tell me it was ringworm! which its certainly is not. 


Its amazing how bad some of these vets are, I had the humane society try to tell me it was ringworm! which its certainly is not.

 When your only tool is a hammer all problems start to look like nails.  :)

Our trusty veterinarian Dr. Sara Bates moved to Italy and got very busy. I would always trust her to provide accurate information from which to make good decisions. Vets like her are hard to find these days.

It is good that you do your own research and allow us to chime in on here..