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Excellent! Please let me know how it goes.
2d ago
We have Caucasians = 2 Food bill is about $150.00
5d ago
Well summed Gary; I believe that there is an exceptional matting in the making locally; hope that it will be fruitful; will keep you posted...
6d ago
I wanted to get an idea of how many dogs people own and how much they are spending on dog food. I'll start. How many dogs do you own? 1 How much do you spend per month on food? $140
6d ago
Found this video of a very nice CO on youtube.  What do you think of these two COs?
6d ago
  keep her and get a male from the type we prefer  Excellent!  I am glad you did not abandon her because of her temp. This is not the first time I have discussed situations like this with some of our members.  Normally breed clubs and enthusiasts love the temperament of the original breed but because of local laws and pressures to join kennel clubs they soon abandon the natural temperament and start to soften the dogs so they can be more popular. For that re
7d ago
  URO1 Ch AKCM Grace continue to produce more champions. Her sister is a champion, She has several brothers that are champions along with her father and others in her linage. Looking for more great things from Grandeza (Greatness).  
8d ago
Hi Gary; no change so far; our final decision is to keep her and get a male from the type we prefer when one is available.
8d ago
Hello Alaa, How is your pup Tzarina doing now?  Any change in temperament as she matures? I hope she has started to show some good guarding instinct. In the video she was too friendly and interested in the strange vehicle and person.  I would like to know if there has been any changes in behavior. Best wishes, Gary
9d ago
yeah exactly, so since you can use anything, wouldnt something softer be a better alternative? I would imagine a solid piece of rubber being swung around could possibly injure a dogs jaw or teeth when caught. 
25d ago
Thank you for sharing that piece of good news. It is great to see when a superstar take a stand for the good of a community.
27d ago
I know it is not often enough that we hear good things in the media. More than likely we hear and read about negative things going on. I thought I share this.   Ben McLemore of the Memphis Grizzlies was doing his part to try to help end the violence in St. Louis. He held a free basketball Clinic for youths grades 1st-6th grades. He hosted a Charity Basketball Games. He also had an award show where he honored people that are leaders in the community.    I was one of the rec
28d ago
Nothing wrong with using a Long. You can use anything. The dog doesn't care. The dog just wants to chase it. It is instinctive for dogs to chase.
28d ago
Gyess is one of my puppy's grandfathers
32d ago
I see that it worked for you. For video, you just need to use the video button that looks like a filmstrip.
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cool, it would be nice if when we share pictures and videos such as youtube links, where the image/link popup together rather than just the link     test run    
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I just use a piece of PVC with some string, i wouldnt want to go out and buy one. The bait I use is this rubber squeak toy from big lots my dog loves, It actually works out great, because the weight and shape of the toy, its pretty had for him to catch, even on the spring pole, it ends up flying and bouncing around and taking him several times to catch it, Because of this, it provides a bit more "action" than some thing easy for him to catch such as rope, plus the toy squeaks keeping his interest. One th
36d ago
On a personal level, I like the breeder; she is a lovely lady. I have known her for years. She brought Tzar's grands to Australia from Russia over 20 years ago. I have just exchanged messages with the breeder who acknowledged that the behaviour that I described is: "Not typical for adult males at all and not so typical for a mature female. At 1 year she is still a pup though and peeing is a communication thing showing respect" "Normal for wolves and wild dogs species" "She may be a bit more of th
43d ago
  would lick strangers to death  Hi Alaa, that is not good if she is bred true and supposed to be a guard. You should have seen "something"  by now. Can you share with us the breeder and if she has a website so I can check it out and learn something about the program and lines if any.  I have met many CAOs in the USA and other countries and they are very alert and attentive guardians.  Always wary of strangers and ready to defend. 
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