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  I did go to ukc show-no competition in Michigan so far    The UKC Premiere in the past had Caucasians and Central Asians there.  I had not been to it in a few years but will look at the list of dogs to see what they had the last few years. looks like in 2016 and 2017 there were Central Asians there.  See this link.
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That is a very nice pup.. I like the coloring of the Alabai
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  Very nice parents and pups. How tall at withers are the parents and what do they weigh? Did you just have a breeding or is it an old photo?  hi! thank you. litter we have now.i have one pup left
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  And now the reverse side .when you own a guardian dog, Never, under any circumstances, the owner should allow outsiders (non-family members of same household) to control a dog, train, punish or praise. why? Central asian shepherd puppy can developed not a correct understanding of the social structure pack of your family. The puppy will not understand either his or your social status, and thus formed the understanding that any person may perform any act with him.
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Very nice parents and pups. How tall at withers are the parents and what do they weigh? Did you just have a breeding or is it an old photo?
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Ok thank u 
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HI Moin, Good to hear from you. Would you mind telling us the purpose of the two breeds that you have?  It is important to know that the temperaments of the dogs may very widely regardless and some Caucasians could be more aggressive than the Sage Koochee and vice versa. So, let us know the function in which the dogs will be employed and we can take it from there.  Guarding a village, Livestock Guardians, Personal Protection or hopefully not - fighting. Remember that lines, breedi
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I found this summary of nutrition info on vet-md.  Though I agree with some of the recommendation - I think some dogs because of activity and function will need more protein and fat during the growth stage.   What do you think?
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hello everyone! i wanted suggestions weather a Caucasian is more aggressive or the Sage koochee? i have 3 afghans from Afghanistan and 2 Caucasians from good breeders from Serbia and Uzbekistan at home. the koochee's are far more aggressive than the Caucasians in terms of guarding, ways of attack and fighting. Though I know Caucasians are not fighting dogs. But I would like to know your suggestions please... best wishes,    
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I just saw this post and visited the link.  After cruising through the site it appears that it is probably a good course. Online courses are quite good these days at technology has enable very good online presentation and interaction for instructors and students.  The thing you want to be aware of is what is their basis for the instruction - do they do correction, positive reinforcement training, physical correction - basically is it just theory based on a method.  Nothing wrong with it but you must be a
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