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What is the most important part of writing with regard to setting the scene? In The Shining, the tone is sinister and the atmosphere is gloomy. A gloomy atmosphere is the result of presenting physical details in such a way as to create an emotional reaction. What do you enjoy more than setting the scene? Do you enjoy developing a plot? Would you rather create believable characters? 
2d ago


Hi,I am looking for websites, related to shakespeare. Most of the website, I got by searching google, was age old, and they have just got text from book. 
2d ago
  is that your CO Gary?   Darn, no one is located nearby me?!?!?  Yes, that was Shagi Akmenu Gele.  She has passed on.
8d ago
  how close is sort of ruud?  Not at all lol I tried upload a picture and the sort off was a referral to that but up loading a picture here kills my browser(s) some how..   I am near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
10d ago
ill piggy back off what she said, if your not going to marry the guy, dont let the dog be accustomed to him. You may need your dog to protect you from a ex-boyfriend one day.
10d ago
maybe he wants more time/attention with you? have you not been around much maybe?  a simple solution i think would be to not feed him for 1 day, let him work up an appetite, then leave the food. Strange as his behavior is, once he is hungery enough, he will eat i bet.
10d ago
how close is sort of ruud?
10d ago


How long have you been feeding him the same food? Sometimes it's as easy as switching to another food. But you don't want to get into a habit of always switching food if he doesn't eat because they will get spoiled and won't eat.    
11d ago


Hugo only eats when I hand feed him! A few times I left his food in the bowl overnight but the next morning it is not touched.
13d ago
  sort off  It wont show my pic :)
16d ago
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