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just a few days off the dog food and hes doing much better. like I said before I have a hard time believing a dog is allergic to meat. More like he is allergic to whatever nonsense the dog food is made with, additionally, the protein sources in some of the dog food is some kind of alternate protein source. I used to work for science diet dog food back in around 05 I believe it was, right at the height of the dog food recall. The dog food being manufactured in china, which most brands are, were being spik
5d ago


Here's my two cents, and before I begin I'll say for sure not a Malinois for you and your family. With that being said here is a list of breeds that I'd suggest would fit your criteria.    Leavitt Olde Bulldogs  American Bulldog  Cane Corso Rottweiler Presa Canario  Bull Mastiff Dogue de Bourdeaux Rhodesian Ridgeback    In the list of breeds that I'd suggest, they would all be wonderful pets for children and fit your criteria fo
6d ago
Good question. Typically, raw is not as cheap as it was few years ago.  Couple tips: 1. If you have a local butcher get the know them and arrange to buy the scraps and bones. 2. Look for the sale items in the supermarket - usually with yellow or red label. These are items that are about to expire and need to be sold. ground beef, ground turkey, Beef, chicken, turnkey necks, chicken backs etc.. but basically whatever uncooked meat that you can find. Bone in is best. 3. Supplement w
6d ago
so my dog has been having a chronic skin infection for about the past 2 years now, antibiotics would make it go away but it would always come back. Most recently i took him to the dog dermatologist, he was placed on this soy dog food thats quite expensive, and he has gotten much better. So supposedly he has a food allergy, possibly to beef or chicken or whatever. I agree with the food allergy, but have a hard time believing a dog is allergic to meat. I am thinking its more along the lines of whats in the
7d ago
Some think that "a warn or dry nose means the dog is sick" This is false "You can't teach and old a new trick" Lol. Another doozy
13d ago
I know! Alphonse is about 145 pounds, but I wish he would gain 10 or 15 he's very slender. But i have a very tiny jeep and he's a very good sport
24d ago
Mine went on their usual dog park adventures today XD they both are great travel companions, suprising for the size of my Gampr
25d ago
Here he is today in Death Valley! It was 115 degrees! He was in the air conditioned car the ENTIRE time, except when those pictures were taken.  Sidebar: Someone called 911 yesterday while he was sitting in my car. The car was running, the air conditioner was blasting, and there was a sign in my window with my name and number saying I am close by, call with any questions, and leave him alone because he bites. I think people just like to call 911 for the drama. Nothing happened, I just couldn't bel
25d ago
I get very tired some days--I should slow down!! Someone could shoot Alphonse, but I think the average drifter/criminal would rather not bother and go for a more low-hanging fruit. I appreciate that his eyes are always peeled, because mine often are not. He is my best friend. It is very shocking to people all over North America when he is sitting quietly while I tell them that he can and will bite.
25d ago
My cat could take a coyote in a fight! all eight(and 70) pounds of her XD. because everyone knows the winner of a fight is the guy whose friends show up first, and my dog is VERY protective of my family XD some of the dumb ones here you can crate dogs together if they get along(I would absolutely never) giving your dogs raw meat increases aggression and dominance if you leave your dog alone for longer than five hours its animal abuse if you use any corrective tool on do
25d ago
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