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Interesting thoughts.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions.  Just consider this. What was the original purpose of the Show?  Keep in mind bit everyone the participates in Showing should be. The original  purpose in showing a dog was to evaluate your stock in order to make sure that dog meets the standards for breeding.  The standards are created not by AKC, UKC,  CJC, etc. They are created by the parent clubs.  There parent club for the doberman all had working dogs. Every line was a working line.  Th
8h ago
All the same uninformed arguments show breeders use. Breeding for the show ring is what and to coin a phrase "fucked up" the Doberman not backyard breeders. A doberman is already a mix of breeds thats how it was created, like all breeds of dogs. They didn't just drop out of the sky fully formed, they're not a species they are type of a single species the grey wolf all dogs are. Thats also how it will be saved, if anyone truly cared about the Doberman that is and not instead only cared about producing a l
11h ago
I have seen some nice dobes. I don't see it often. They can still perform. They are good working dogs. However, they will only be what they have been trained to be. We live in a society where people take working breeds like this and never work them. They become nothing more than pets. The owners user them a a dog to sit on a coach. They never stimulate the working qualities is the breed. I've even had some comment on my video of me training a dog for property protection say 'm a horrible person for teach
1d ago
Since we have mentioned home protection. I'd say the owners of these dogs homes are protected well. This is why I have not ruled out getting one of these in the future. They are awesome. They are intimidating. After seeing some in person I came away even more impressed.
1d ago
There was a caught on tape video of a pit bull attacking a man. The guy threw it over the fence to get it off. I can't say. How much training it had, but it was a good bite. The pit bull can excel in personal protection. They are game. They get too much bad press. Also, there are many myths associated with them. They don't have that lock down jaw or the bite pressure that they're said to have. Those are just urban myths. As those myths grew they became more popular and got into the hands of people that s
2d ago
Solved! (:
3d ago
not my dog but a bully built more like a bandogge here
3d ago
exaclty! so why the big fuss about pure breds/inbreeding limiting the gene pool etc. I think it was either chimerakennels or midgardmastiffs on here way back in the day that was a big proponent of hybrid vigor. The only way to fix the dobe is to paper hang.   A dobe cross the intrigued me was the dino dog.
3d ago
check out the central asian ovcharka, nice looking dogs. I like the kangal also but there seems to be alot of confusion about them. I am not going to get any breed of dog without seeing it in person. The boerboel I have seen in person, athletic for their size, but yeah smaller more lean built dogs are much faster. I dont see how anyone can toss a pit over a fence if its got a good hold of their arm and wont let go. Im not into the police work, more personal protection, with home/yard protection being the
3d ago


There are many problematic breeds in the US. The best way to fix it is; in order to show a dog the major registries should allow an occasional outcross preferably 1 within 6 generations, the dog must be competing in at least 1 other sport and have vet backed documentation of health.       
3d ago