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Have you looked online Gary, sometimes you can find whole rabbits frozen. 
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You can easily make your own flirt pole. You just need some pvc pipe, washers, parachord, and something to tug. 
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Hi Kevin. Can you please send me a mail to with a few info about you. Are you interested in him as a breeding dog, farm or home pet? Also if you can send me some pictures with you and your dogs, so i can get a feel for the environment. Many Thanks nicola
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Has Jello found a good home yet - please advise.   Godspeed.   Kevin Nicholson 816 Emmett Ave Jackson, MI 49203
97d ago
When we lived in italy our dogs used to get things up their nose and in their ears. The stuff in the nose usually work its way out in a couple days.  Don't rub the snout as you may be pushing the "thing" further into the tissue.  Let it work it way out.  If you see signs of infection then you MUST take the do to a vet to get it looked at.  
129d ago
hey guys, so im not sure if its a foxtail, but my dog was sniffing around the yard the other day, saw him from pretty far away sniffing around some plants, he came back sneezing pretty bad, obviously something up  his nose or what not. Now I have seen my dogs sneeze when they sniffed something they didnt like or something like dirt or whatever up their nose but this was pretty bad, he wouldnt stop sneezing.   so the following day, the sneezing has reduced but he still sneezes pretty good
131d ago
Good luck, i hope he will find a new home soon!
139d ago
Angello is an approximately 13 months old Central Asian Ovcharka from Turkmenistan.  Him and his sister were brought to Dubai as gifts for a family.  The family accepted the female but rejected the male. The gift giver then took him back home but he soon out grew everything in his house and he turned him out on the streets of Dubai. Someone came to the rescue and took Angello off the street and gave him temporary sanctuary. They already had dogs so it is a difficult situation for them and they wa
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CAO Puppy Assessment - part 2 →
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Thank you Peepers; I enjoyed reading your post and read it more than once :) Indeed; it is one of those unfortunate things that one might face in life every now and then; the interesting part was the immense support that breeder received on that Facebook Group! Anyway, good luck to them. CAS bloodlines in Australia are extremely limited due to the severe restrictions on dog importation. This is because Australia is a rabies free country. I don't know when or if I will be getting another dog
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I'm a little late to this discussion. I shouldn't be but I am still stunned that you got the kind of reaction from the breeders that you did. Any breeder touting perfection isn't telling the truth anymore than any human (since Jesus Christ) is perfect. And saying you somehow damaged a pup by having a stranger stare at the pup at that age should be a joke but obviously wasn't. I've owned or handled several slow maturing breeds. Anyone who says having someone eye an 8 month old guardian breed i
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As promised, to keep you updated, unfortunately, the mating was not fruitful :(
153d ago
  Why not some Bullboxer too?  That is a good idea. Would bring some more athleticism to the breed - wonder if that may introduce a smaller bone structure which is probably not desired.
154d ago
"The original breeds were: Cane Corso, Presa Canario, Alano Espanol, CA de Bou, Dogo Argentino! Why not some Bullboxer too ?
157d ago
  I promise myself of mating healthy and top performance dogs.  That promise you made to yourself is to be the basis of your breeding program and will serve you very well as you go.  Too many people bread for a certain look and ignore form and function.  By mating healthy top performing dogs you are highlighting both the good and bad that may be hidden the gene pool. This kind of performance breeding will enable the weakness to be easily seen and also enhance the po
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Only issue I would see would be with regards to bite building. 
177d ago
Excellent that is good to know. Raw has worked well for us also. I wish we could find a place that sold whole rabbits. There was one in va but so far have not been able to locate one in Texas.
177d ago
Hello! Our Alanos/Bandogs are usually not so heavy and usually have not many wrinkles on the head. The original breeds were: Cane Corso, Presa Canario, Alano Espanol, CA de Bou, Dogo Argentino. The last two races are not safe to hand as none of the founders is active anymore. So it's not a Mastino in the American Bandog. They're pure power dogs. Otherwise they are enormously similar to the American Bandog, therefore the union of both races. I have brought six litters so far, unfortunately only my
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Rage Syndrome, also known as Sudden Onset Aggression or (SOA) or Avalanche of Rage Syndrome, is a rare but serious behavioral problem that has been reported most commonly in the English Springer Spaniel but also in a variety of other dog breeds. While I have not seen or experienced this personally I
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