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If you are not opposed to going to the country of origin we do have a few breeders here. look up shaw
28d ago
Hi, Does anyone know of any good Bully Kutta breeders in the US and elsewhere? Thanks.
33d ago
Lovely dog, some Boxer,or ?
63d ago
I would be very surprised if the guy who got bitten is really the owner of the dog!
70d ago
Will be curious to see what if any is crossed within him! Please make sure to post results. 
74d ago


Is this the face of a Bull Mastiff or a.....   He 13 Months Old and and waiting on my Embark Dog DNA Test Kit results to come back. Anyone have any ideas on what he is  ???
79d ago
so it was wedged in there pretty bad, frequent sneezing, and a bit of blood coming out. Of course all the vets around wanted to charge us $5000 for the latest greatest gadgets and scopes to remove it or what not. I called around and local vet ended up removing it for $300. 
102d ago
hey guys, so this video has been floating around the internet. the supposed back story is this man attempts to feed the mans dog, man gets angry and hits the man, the man then beats up the guy, the guy getting beat up then gets attacked by his own dog.   My thoughts are that the man in the red shirt is not the owner of the dog, most likely watching it or something. The dog is also built pretty damn big, I would guess theres an outcross in that EBD somewhere.    wanted to s
103d ago
i been using something similar but typically use a much lighter bait
103d ago
Yeah.. we have looked. They are available but very expensive. I may just start raising rabbits  :)
135d ago