Considered to be just a colour variant of the Serbian Mountain Hound up until the 1700's, the modern incarnation of the Yugoslavian Tricolored Hound was developed by crossing the Black And Tan Mountain Hounds with the Balkanski Gonic, Posavina Hound and the Poimenikos Ichnilatis in the 19th century. Its type was fully established by the 1940's and the official Standard was written in 1958.

The Yugoslavian Tricolored Hound was Internationally recognized in 1961 and has been a valued hunting dog in its homeland ever since. However, it became rare after the Yugoslavian civil wars, but is reportedly slowly gaining popularity in Serbia and Montenegro once again. The name was officially changed to Serbian Tricolored Hound in 1996.

Most commonly found in the southern parts of Serbia and around the Greek border, but prized as a tireless hunting dog in all countries of former Yugoslavia, the Tricolored Hound is the most energetic and playful of all Serbian breeds, making a suitable family companion. Like its regional relatives, this lively breed loves to bark, which makes it a better choice for rural environments than apartment life.

The coat is short, dense and flat, consisting of tan, black and white colours. Average height is around 20 inches.

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