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9 days ago
regi commented on a photo
Indeed, my friend, very well observed. You can see the prove in different parts of the world. When you let a flock of dogs strolling around the country, they will mix and mix etc. and in the end (rather soon, within a century or so) they will all end up in what we call a certain "paria" type of dog, that we see a lot in Asia. Almost similar to the Dingo.
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regi commented on a photo
Dear Gary, This litter (my P-litter) was born in 1975, so the photo was taken in 1978. Today, you can hardly find this type of Bouvier anymore. There are still a few good breeders, but when cropping was banded, the dogs phenotypes also changed a lot. Glad to hear from you, Rex Keeman.
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regi reposted a photo comment. 
admin commented on a photo
Awesome photo. When was this taken? Is that a Bouvier des Flandres?
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12 days ago
regi added new photo
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