Comment to 'Paw licking?'
Comment to Paw licking?
  • [quote1304350112=tosamama] All they need is a blood sample for this test, i think all vets should offer that. My bulldog cost me over $12000 in her first 4 years for vet bills, $500 is chump change to me LOL It's not a perfect test, but i found it a good guide especially when choosing the best food. I used to have my bulldog on benadryl or chlortriplon, but it never really helped. Also tried Evening primrose oil supplements, accupuncture and prednizone. Last year, i said wtf and didn't put her on anything. her allergies seemed better, will see how she is this summer... [/quote1304350112] LOL, saying F*** it helped huh? Very GOOD. I'd like to hear how things DO work out this summer.