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  • Two. Both bullbreeds types. I say types because one seeems to have a dash of AB blood and I found the other abandoned in a park so I am not sure if she is pure or not. Most likely not. My male, Boss, is very dominant of other dogs but he is very forgiving of puppies and older dogs. Boss knows the basic commands and he has the best recall of any dog I have personally seen in person. He will drag ass at times but when I really call him he comes running. But I must admt that Boss can be very hard headed at times. Boss is an extreme extrovert but he is also a decent alarm dog. He does a good job of alerting me when someone is near my home, car or campsite. In fact he really turns on when we go camping. He tends to be a very happy go lucky dog but once it starts getting dark he's all business. He's everything that I could want in a dog and, if I say so myself, he is a damn handsome fellow.. Patty Cakes is my female. She is spayed. Boss found her in the park. She was dehydrated and underweight. Early on she broke her leg and had to have surgery. Patty is now about 50 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal and she is fast. Her nickname is Mach Two Trish. She is also very alert and will let me know when someone is around. She is very affectionate but also very rough and an Alpha bitch to her heart. But she is still a puppy so I am not sure what sort of dog she will turn out to be but she is off to a good start. I do not know how to post pics so I will link to a few vids of my dogs. Here are my dogs at a campsite playing wrestle/tag. This was Pattys first time camping and she loved it. [youtube=]ZqQZ-UJZHWI[/youtube] A more recent vid of them chasing each other around in the woods. [youtube=]FuIIXunKf6w[/youtube] All in all I reckon I got to cool dogs and I give them a pretty good dog life.