Comment to 'What dogs do you own, what breeds are they, and how do they differ? '
  • [quote1293764772=tosamama] wow, that's a lot of info :) I've got a 9 year old Female English Bulldog, a 6 year old male Tosa, a 4 year old female Tosa and a 1.5year female Tosa. They are all individuals and fairly different in many ways. The main commonality is dog aggression in the Tosas, definately have to watch them around other dogs, usually avoid those altogether. But, extremely loving and gentle with dog and human family members. My Tosas are very athletic, as are most of the breed, but i've seen some very sad athletic specimens in my time. The Bulldog, stubborn and has a very strong drive for "attacking" certain things. For instance, my vacuum cleaner mainly, but also my cordless drill, brooms, water from garden hose, fireworks, any flame like lighters or candles, even tried attacking my lawn mower. And LOVES tug of war, she can lock on to something for over an hour at a time. I think she is one of those "throwback" Bulldogs, very athletic and focused. [/quote1293764772] Congrads on having a 9yr old English Bulldog. How did you do it? I am not trying to be funny. I am honestly curious. I rarely hear about EBs living that long.