Comment to 'What dogs do you own, what breeds are they, and how do they differ? '
  • Dogs I own at the moment.. Well, I have a 6 year old Doberman who is way to clever and manipulative for her own good and knows exactly how to put my other dogs in their place! She's an excellent watch over my home, protective around my children and the bestest friend I could ever possibly have, she can read my mind and knows exactly how I am feeling most days. She gets on great with other dogs that tend not to push their luck, she hasn't much patience with puppies or bolshy dogs and does tend to put them in their place rather quickly, that said, there is absolutely no malice in her and it's always done in the nicest way possible. For a Dobermann I know they get a pretty bad rap healthwise, but she's rather healthy, moves like a greyhound when she want's something badly enough, her age isn't stopping her doing anything at the moment and she certainly hasn't slowed down, not one grey hair round her muzzle either! She's looking rather good for her 6 years haha LOL She loves meeting new people but can be rather guardy first time around with adults, men especially - not that she's ever had any bad experiences with men whatsoever, I just find she seems to take to and accept women a lot easier than men. I find when people come into the home for the first time, she has to greet them first before I do, afterall, I may know them, but she doesn't so just has to check first that all is okay :) As for kids she's absolutely great, babies, toddlers, teenagers - she's one in a million and 110% bombproof as a dog goes, I've had no issues with her at all as far as children are concerned. She's been extremely easy to train, latches on to commands very quickly and has been an absolute pleasure to own from day one. Her recall is excellent, I've always been very confident walking her offlead she's never been a problem and never raised any issues, she's an all round easy going dog. In the home she's always the first to raise an alarm if she hears anything untoward, but she is the hardest to shut up, a simple ''leave it command'' simply isn't enough, I've found over time it's best if I allow her to ''wind'' herself down. To say she has any bad points would be a lie as she's always been an easy going kind of dog, the only bad point she does have is that she likes her ''home comforts'' which of course I don't deprive her of, she sleeps my side of the bed in her own bed, and likes lazing on the sofa's so if that's the worst of her bad points, I'd say I was rather lucky to escape most things many Dobermann owners tend to complain of.. My next dog is my Corso..He's 11 months old. Again, from day one he's been a pleasure to have and a good all rounder, though I am starting find out he's quite the watch dog whether this had been taught to him by my Dobermann I'm not quite sure, or whether these are his natural guarding instincts kicking in, I'm also quite not sure. He's my first Corso, so I have nothing to compare him to, though I find he's relatively easy going and gets along with people as long as they are not ''pushy'' with him, he has to get to know people in his own time and decide whether to accept them, though so far he's never presented a problem. He's been really easy to train compared to some of the breeds I have been used to in the past, picking things up really easily, he's really surprised me in that respect. He knows every single word I say to him and at just 11 months old he's mature if that makes sense for his age, he seems to take everything in and weigh up as to whether in his own mind it's worth doing, 99% of the time it is and he does listen to what you say. He gets on with other dogs no problem at all, he's so far never showed any kind of aggression towards any dog so I suppose all the socialization I've done with him has gone a long way, he's easy either way. One thing I have found is, he does seem to have a high prey drive, he will go after smaller animals, mainly wild ones, squirrels & the local wildlife he seems to have a problem with and will give chase, so can't be trusted offlead. He can clear six foot fencing no problem and is extremely agile I have to have eyes on him all of the time, especially if he's alone in the garden ;) Again, kids, no problems there he's been very accepting of babies, toddlers, teenagers - he seems to have a special bond with them and sticks to them like glue he's never far from a childs side if there's one around. I do have to watch him around the home, he will steal things from food to nicking the washing off the line and rolling it in dirt, he's become quite good at that, so it looks like I'm destined to use the indoor dryer until I find a way to stop this, again he likes his home comforts but prefers to sleep downstairs in his bed, usually waking me in the mornings if he can hear anything going on, which is usually nothing but the cat trying to get in...He likes going swimming, and loves the water which I've found is a good way of keeping him in shape for his 11 months he looks great I just hope he continues on and up. But as Corso's go for me he's been easy as I say compared to breeds I am used to, again he's been a pleasure. Next is my Bullmastiff, Harvey, he's coming up to two years old. Harvey, Harvey, Harvey, what do I say about Harvey? He's one of the most easy going, loyal dogs I've ever had the pleasure of owning, he's been extremely easy from the moment I brought him home, I was always told never to keep two male mastiffs together, ever, but they must have broken the mold when my two we're made, they are best buddies and inseperable. Where my Bullmastiff goes, my Corso follows there has never ever been an issue with these two and I doubt there ever will be, they have been extremely close from day one. Harvey is an excellent all rounder, patient, kind and loving always welcoming to new people, new dogs, never ever been an issue with anyone or anything he's very accepting of all lifeforms and as easygoing as they come, doubt anyone has told him he's a Bullmastiff and I'm not about to either ;) Harvey just loves life and exales it into everyone he meets, he really is as soft as butter and a true gentleman to form, there's nothing or no-one he don't love, he has no cross words for anyone or anything he accepts all into his path. He's a useless watchdog, preferring the others do the job he was born for, no malice in him whatsoever infact I can probably count the amount of times he's barked on one hand, which was in play with the other two. Kids and adults are bowled over by Harvey, they just love him you can't help but not to love him he's just such an easy going chap, he's happy to be lying at your feet, or out on a walk he's easy either way he's never ever been any kind of problem for me, ever. He's taught me so much in these almost two years of owning him, he's taught me to accept everyone in the way he does and to just go with the flow of life, since owning Harvey I've generally become more laid back, but then again that could be me just getting older though I doubt it. I've never had a Bullmastiff like him before they say there are exceptions to every rule and molds we're certainly broke when he was made as I doubt I'll find another like he, he's been an absolute diamond of a dog, I've nothing bad to say about him at all, he's just as they say ''a gentle giant'' and he truely is and I love and respect him with all my heart, of course loving all my dogs in equal measures but there is something truely special about him ;)