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  • [quote1294097568=BossofBoss] Congrads on having a 9yr old English Bulldog. How did you do it? I am not trying to be funny. I am honestly curious. I rarely hear about EBs living that long. [/quote1294097568] She's had her health problems, mostly skin, hypothyroidism and an ingrown tail which was surgically removed at age 4. Moved from city to country 4 years ago, and she's really taken to it. Haven't had any major issues with her health since. Feed her Canidae or Natural Balance canned food which helps with her allergies. She loves fruit, whatever i'm eating my dogs get some, especially blueberries. And lots of exercise. She can't keep up on walks or runs with my big dogs, but I make sure she gets about 1hr of exercise a day and fairly hard exercise at that. My sister thinks I'm mean to make her so tired until she's huffing and puffing, but she loves a good work out! She's in incredible shape for any 9 year old dog, but especially a Bulldog. Only sign of aging, is her teeth are a bit worn down from playing tug of war.