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  • I have a Great Pyrenees x Bernese Mountain Dog cross. She is 15 months old, 105 pounds and is a sweet girl. She has a lot of energy and loves her evening walks every night. I get the what kind of dog is she? question all the time on our walks, quite the attention getter! She sheds like mad and you will find her hair in places you couldn't imagine, but it is such a beautiful coat. Loves being outside in the cold, not so much in the summer. Oh yeah, she drools too! Not nearly as bad as our past boxer, but more than we expected. She's been pretty quick to pick up obedience and would be even better if we were more consistant with it. Slowly but surely, she is getting more and more freedom in the house, have to work on the kids as much as her so they don't leave toys around that Sasha likes to chew on. She doesn't require that much attention in the house but doesn't pass it up when she gets it. When in the yard, she shows a lot of the Pyr traits, gives the perimeter a walk then usually lays down at the highest point of the yard. It's pretty neat seeing her natural instinct take over. She does love to pay catch with a tennis ball and quite agile for a big girl. When she has been with other dogs, she is very submissive to them and plays great with them whether big or small. Her size can be a little too much for the small dogs but it is out of no intent from her. She thinks every dog or even person is just there to play with her! Overall, she is a great dog and couldn't ask for anything more. We toss around getting her a roommate, but not sure I am ready to do the puppy thing again already. Here is a picture of her from this weekend on our walk.[br][link={e_FILE}public/1299596069_1518_FT77179_sasha2.jpg][img:width=500&height=305]{e_FILE}public/1299596069_1518_FT77179_sasha2_.jpg">[/link][br]