Comment to 'Original TMs'
Comment to Original TMs
  • I really don't see them as being "mastiffs" however being that they are such an old breed, perhaps the "mastiffs" of today have just taken off more so than the TM of 100 years ago. As for the ferocity, sure I bet if we treated our TM's of today the same as their ancestors they would be alot like that in temperament. Times have changed, attitudes and family status have changed when it comes to dogs of all breeds. Jobs for which breeds were bred 100+ years ago are no longer in need. Many MANY breeds are taking up the job of housedog/ companion as apposed to guardian/hunting/retrieving/ ect... While to see a dog doing what it was bred to do initially is great to see, honestly a dog so fierce that no one could approach it safely is in no way desirable in todays day in age. Thats just my feelings on it.