Comment to 'Collie Breeder'
Comment to Collie Breeder
  • I hope it is okay to ask such a thing here. It's hard to find a gathering of so many knowledgeable dog people so I thought I'd take a chance. The breed I'm asking about is not a Molosser Dog. To the admins, if this isn't okay, just please delete the thread.

    I am looking for a Collie breeder. Collie as in the old fashioned Lassie type Collie. I'm looking for an actual working Collie. Not a border collie or kelpie. I've been looking for a long while.  I'm told that I could find a worker across the pond to check Ireland, Germany, Spain, etc... I'm not opposed to importing if need be. I've been told a good many of the dogs working farms with livestock haven't had the aloofness bred out of them.

    At any rate I thought people using livestock guardians might know someone who haven't ruined their Collies. The one I had was big bodied, very gentle with the little dogs & small animals & would not hesitate to take on a man or two if they threatened what belonged to her. People forget the old Collie was gentle but not without heart.

    Any rate if anyone knows a breeder or someone with such a litter I would appreciate knowing. Like most breeds these days, the really goods ones have people who guard them well. I'm not looking for a show dog. I'm looking for a working dog. Thanks in advance.