Comment to 'Collie Breeder'
Comment to Collie Breeder
  • Well the collie is 6 months old.  I have had my moments where I have wondered if she would pan out.  My old Collie was a serious dog even as a pup.  This girl has moments of being goofy however is an excellent watch dog.  Anything that doesn't belong & she raises the roof.  She's good at alerting on birds of prey.  She's starting to sort out "killer" rabbits as being not such a threat & has summoned us to dispatch rogue dogs & coyote from the perimeter of our yard. Yesterday & today she has shown me she will take on humans.  Oh she's not as strong as a Malinowski but the amount of snapping teeth & growling as she tried to drive them away from our yard wasn't impressive for a 6 month old Collie pup.  Pretty decent. I hope this is just the beginning