Comment to 'I Remember When...'
  • Jeepers wrote: is due time to put thought & effort into this sharing of information, the discussions & fussing that take place when we have such discussions is part of growing, part of learning. In my way of thinking the dogs are worth the time & effort.

    That and a compendium of other thoughts and events are what prompted me to really write the original post today. I miss the discussions that made us think, pause, reconsider, wonders, and most of all learn. Learning is what I find most absent from the current networks today as it appears that there is no substantive level of thinking applied to the "discussions" on most forums including FB. 

    We still have very smart people who sometimes read the postings on the forums but chose not to participate for various reasons. Could it be that over time they have seen that their words are not read and processed and have chosen to save the energy by not participating? Sometimes I feel that way and here is why. I have a hiking group at where we take hikers out into nature on weekends. I have noticed that instead of reading the description of the hikes, members will just post a comment asking questions that are already answered in the hike description. What time does it start, how long is the hike, what is the pace, when will we finish, etc etc... 

    This points to a general apathy toward reading and understanding which I think is at the crux of the matter. Why read two paragraphs when you can just ask a specific question and get a one or two word answer? The answer is simply that technology and connectivity have made us lazy. They have relegated most of us to living for the little blips of "life" that crosses the screens of our little shiny mobile devices.... so on to dogs.

    Contactcombat wrote: ...And quality over fast shallow content will prevail. I dont consider myself an expert on anything other then krav, but i will chip in my two cents on this forum if i get the chance to contribute.

     Edward Mayhew in 1854 made the following observation: Dogs are intelligent and honorable creatures, and no man will have reason to regret who teaches himself to trust in their better qualities. 

    If we agree that dogs are intelligent and honorable creature how can we not invest the time and effort needed to discuss, learn, and share our knowledge about them? I have found that dogs pay more attention to us than we do to them every day. They know when we have a good day and a bad day, when we are ill, happy, or angry and they always want to be with us regardless of how we feel.

    Since 1998 we have raised 7 Caucasian Ovcharkas and one thing that is obvious from that experience is that though they are from the same breed they are very different individual dogs. Each is individually unique in temperament, behavior, and expression. Here is the learning that took place from this experience - Individual dogs do not make a breed, nor does a breed dictate the specific behavior of an individual dog.

    Let us have some fun with this one.. do you agree or disagree with the above statement?