Comment to 'I Remember When...'
  • Ok then - lets do this. At some point in my ramblings on this topic, and partly the reason I started it in the first place, I thought I would pose a few questions to stimulate some substantive discussions (in my opinion). The emergence of giant social media with mega millions of users have really caused most consumers of the social stream to severely reduce their time spent on any one topic. After all there is so many different bits of data screaming for attention the most users are overwhelmed and resort to pressing the like button of posting one liners. Heck, I am guilty of it sometimes. With that said, lets jump in.

    1.  Do the National Dog Registries (AKC, CKC, UKC, FCI, etc,) and their supporting national breed clubs contribute to the demise, health issues, lack of working abilities and the destruction of their true temperament?  A few examples would be nice.

    2.  Are there any good reasons to take a rare breed (in the USA a rare breed is anyone that is not recognized with the AKC) and seek AKC recognition?  If so, please explain. You may also apply this question to your own country and breeds and discuss that.

    3.  Will you buy a puppy without a contract? For the record I have never bought a puppy with a contract nor have I sold any with a contract.  Good or bad - go for it.

    4.  Should guardian breeds (specifically Livestock Guardian Breeds) only be owned and kept by those who has a job for them to do, preferably guarding property and livestock.

    5.  This one is very very easy.  Should the American Pit Bull Terrier be banned or should stupid owners be banned.

    Ok, that may be enough for now so lets see how it goes.  :) 

    Jump in and press the like button.. just kidding.