Comment to 'I Remember When...'

    1.  Do the National Dog Registries (AKC, CKC, UKC, FCI, etc,) and their supporting national breed clubs contribute to the demise, health issues, lack of working abilities and the destruction of their true temperament?  A few examples would be nice.

    - ANS -  I have often heard people blaming AKC or other registries for ruining a breed. I disagree. If a breed is ruing or harmed in anyway the fault in my opinion lies within the breeders. Breeding and showing a dog does not change its temperament or working abilities. It does not cause health issues. AKC, UKC, FCI do not create the standards for the breeds. These standards are created by the parent registries that submits their breeds for registry.

    We have breeders that do not use any selective breeding practices. The results are that many dogs that should not be bred are being bred. They breed for exotic colors even if that means breeding a dog that is not the same breed and lying on the paperwork to say its purebred or a pedigree dog. There are breeders that breed for excessive size whether that is small or large. This things can and do negatively affect the breeds. The breeds are no longer functional for the work in which they were created. They are either too small or too large to do the work effectively. Due to the lack of selective breeding dogs are being bred with health and genetic issues. This is being passed along to future generations of litters. These are my thoughts.

    2.  Are there any good reasons to take a rare breed (in the USA a rare breed is anyone that is not recognized with the AKC) and seek AKC recognition?  If so, please explain. You may also apply this question to your own country and breeds and discuss that.

    ANS -  I don't know if there are good reasons to do this. But there are reasons why I would. I show my dogs. I want them evaluated by non biased qualified persons to see if the meet breed standards before I use them in my breeding program. There are no FCI shows near me. The closest one that I had been invited to go to was in Puerto Rico. Sure I would love to go there one day. But it is not cost effective for me to do so and show my dogs. I can and do attend UKC events. But near me there is only one a years. The next closest ones are 5 plus more hours away. There are AKC show often near me. This would be to my advantage.

    Another reason would be for pride. I'd like to see my breed on Westminster even if it is not my dog.

    Another reason many might have is for profit. Everyone knows AKC. One of the first things perspective owners or shoppers ask is are they registered with AKC. Also, I like to won things that have my specific breed. I can buy customized thing with a GSD, Rottie, Dobe, etc. But it is rare to find anything with my breed. Even my vet when I get a health certificate do not put my breeds name on the certificate because it is not in their computer. Allegedly there is supposed to be a way to select other and type in my breed, but no one there knew how to do it when I've gone. This has given me problems when shipping a dog. The vet used a different breed that had more restrictions for flying than my breed should have. Even though I can explain it to the airport personnel. They can look and see that our dogs do not have the snub nose. But they have to follow their guidelines and use what is on the paperwork.

    3.  Will you buy a puppy without a contract? For the record I have never bought a puppy with a contract nor have I sold any with a contract.  Good or bad - go for it.

    ANS - I have purchased dogs without a contract. I don't think this is a good idea. I've been fortunate not to have any problems. But I prefer a contract. I have run into a number of people that don't want a contract. Some but not all of them were trying to buy a dog at pet quality prices and want a breed quality dog. A few know they are getting pet quality but do not want to get the pet fixed. They claim they have no interest in breeding. But i don;t know and send them away without a dog.

    4.  Should guardian breeds (specifically Livestock Guardian Breeds) only be owned and kept by those who has a job for them to do, preferably guarding property and livestock.

    ANS - In my opinion no. There are fewer opportunities to find owners that are in need of livestock guardians. water rescue or mountain rescue dogs. However these dogs are working dogs. They can still perform a variety do duties. They can still make great companions for pet owners. They can compete and excel in a variety of canine events.

    5.  This one is very very easy.  Should the American Pit Bull Terrier be banned or should stupid owners be banned.

    ANS - You might be able to figure out my response to this by my previous comment. The answer is no the American Pit Bull should not be banned. There should be no BSL either. There are people that should not own a dog. There are people that should not own dogs of a certain temperament. Breeders should do their best to screen them out. But even if they do of course some will still slip through the cracks.