Comment to 'I Remember When...'
  • As far as the picture of the dogs those dogs should be put to seep. But some of them are breeding. They say they are getting $5000 to 20000 a pup on dogs like these. I've seen the post that people say they can't wait to breed to one of these deformed dogs. Other say they want one. The sad thing is they are not being sarcastic. Those dogs should not reproduce. They should be put to sleep. The often mix french bulldogs or English bulldogs into these dogs to get this look.


    I like the boerboel. It is a breed that I have thought about owning. I agree they are bred to work. IMO it is sort of abusive not to have a working dog work. It should do some type of work. It ca be competing is some dog sport if not the the original work that they were bred to do. I don't think the breeders that don't want you to train the dog to do protection work are afraid that their dogs are not good for this. It is how our society views things today. Many do not understand what it takes to have a guardian. They believe that the dog will automatically do this without training. Sure there are some dogs that will. But this is not true for the majority. I have heard too many people say that my dog will give their life for me. They really believe this. Then I test the dog to show them that do will be behind them all of the way. The dog will outrun them to get away or just hide behind the owner looking for the owner to protect them. Some dogs will bluff but the bark is worst than the bite or lack of a bite. Those breeders tell the consumer this breed in naturally protective. They do need to be protection trained. They know when and how to do it. That is the ignorance of those breeders. How will a dog know who to bite and not to bite unless it has been taught. The dog does not know that the lady pushing her baby in a stroller is not a threat and the guy that is peering through the window is a threat. The dog can read body language if it is taught what that language means. It can learn that the guy shaking my hands is not being threatening and the guy that is agitated is. I read a post online where this woman said teaching a dog to do this was abusive. Then there were others that agreed with her. They called the owners idiots and other vile names for doing this to a dog. The owner attempted to teach them that the dog was bred to do this type of work. My thought were I guess they have problems with what the military and police teach dogs too. They don't know the difference in teaching a dog to be aggressive and teaching a dog to be protective.