Comment to 'Boerboel appraisal - October 11, 2009'
  • The Canadian Association of Versatile Boerboels is once again hosting an appraisal day for the South African Boerboel. We have invited the SABT to the North Shore of Lake Erie to provide an appraisal for the Boerboel on October 11, 2009 at 12:00 p.m. This is a wonderful opportunity for your dogs to achieve their SABT registration. The SABT is accepting EBBASA registered dogs to be appraised. SABT is accepting USBA papers as well. They have reopened the Development Registry in order to accept the papers. For more information re: fees; please visit the SABT website. Basically you have to be a member (electronic membership is $78.00 and appraisal fee is $125.00) Pre-registration through the is mandatory. Day of show registration is NOT possible! Basic requirements to be registered: the person having the Boerboel appraised has to be the owner, have a birth certificate or registration and be a member of SABT/SABBA. When the dog is presented for appraisal, you will submit his/her birth certificate or registration to the desk. This paper, along with the appraisal score sheet is sent with the Senior Appraiser to South Africa for processing. Once processed, the owner will receive the original registration via postal service. We are pleased to be hosting this event and welcome appraiser Thys von Solms. The appraisal is located at 9744 Silver Street, Caistor Centre Outside Hamilton, ON If you are interested; please click the SABT link and become a member and register your dog for an appraisal slot. If you are interested in any further exchanges re: Working Boerboels; check out our Facebook Group. We are also encouraging the exchange of ideas at the Coast to Coast Boerboels Board Anyone in attendance at the Appraisal will get the good news hot off the press. The CAVB is hosting a multi-dimensional event May 2010 (exact weekend to be determined). This event will have something for all Boerboel owners; conformation and performance. {I'm the photog for this show; get to hang with the big dogs and try not to take too many drooly pics!}