Comment to 'Proudfoot's Tad Bit O Tina in the snow'
  • really, really hope she passes all health tests and they fidn a good male for her. want one of my own Couple weekends ago; my cousin grabs me and says lets go to Ohio and pick up a BB pupy. having nothing going on; i said sure; what's a 6 hour drive? So she grabs me; her 'Boel Dora and off we go. Dog is a kick ass traveller; just flakes out on the back seat for the whole trip; except when we get out; then she pops up and guards the van. When we get to Columbus to meet the lady with the pup (just staying with my cuz; it's leaving soon); Dora sits up and stares down the lady as she approaches the car; growls and barks; all after being asleep for 6 hours. Nice dog; can't wait until my cousin does some bite work with her; she'sa real serious dog. Here are some pics of the new pup and Dora.